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When you need residential well pump services in the Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia areas, who better to call than the team of seasoned technicians at Tri-County Pumps? We have over three decades serving homeowner’s well pump, septic, water treatment, and plumbing systems. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience providing high-quality well water services to property owners. We are happy to offer the same unrivaled services for you and your home property. Call Tri-County Pumps today about your residential well pump system service.

Well Pump Services for Your Residential Property

Well pumps are used to draw water from beneath the ground where the water table is located. Pump systems work to provide ample water supply without the need for a municipal water source. Most well pumps today are electrical and utilize suction to draw water through pipes. These well pumps typically fall into one of the following categories:

Jet Pumps

Shallow wells lying just below the surface are tapped with jet pumps and transport water to your residential property. This system depends on the use of air pressure to move the water. Jet pumps utilize electric motors and centrifugal pumps for optimal efficiency.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps include a water pump and a pump motor, as well as an internal check valve. Depending on your unique needs, a submersible pump may not come equipped with a pressure tank.

There are many different pumps to choose from within these two categories. Selecting the right pump for your property depends on your needs. Pump selection factors the depth of the water as well as the diameter of the well casing. Jet pumps work to pull water to the surface, whereas submersible pumps push water to the surface.

How to Determine the Right Pump Size for Your Home Residence

Once we determine the correct well pump for your home. We will then help you in selecting the correct size and output. This based on the water needs of your household. Factors include family size and the major use of water for your home. Though your property will require a large enough pump to meet your water needs. Our experts at Tri-County Pumps will ensure that your property is set up with the most cost-effective and efficient system.

Well Pump Maintenance and Repairs by Technicians Who Care

We provide routine well pump repair and maintenance on well pump systems in Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia. Call Tri-County Pumps today if you notice a difference in your well water pressure, taste, color, or smell. We will evaluate the issue and discuss with you the best plan of action to fix it.  As a company that truly values our customers, we have compiled a list of easy maintenance tips for homeowners. These tips include the following:

  • Check your system’s well cap to make sure it is fastened tightly and in good condition. We recommend a cap with an air-tight seal to keep bugs, debris, and foreign particles out. And disinfecting your well pump system once a year for proper upkeep.
  • Frederick County MD Residential property owners should practice caution when working, driving, or doing landscape work around the well site. In addition keep the area around the well clear of debris, leaves, or snow.
  • It is crucial to allow the well casing to stand at least a foot above the ground. Also, ensure proper landscaping a slope away from the well to promote suitable drainage.
  • Never submerge a garden hose nozzle in buckets or containers when mixing chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizer.
  • Pay close attention to how your water pressure. If your residential well water tap pulsates or has spurts of air, your well system will likely need to be serviced.

At Tri-County Pumps, our team can offer a helping hand when it comes to well pump maintenance, repair, or installation. We even offer 24-hour emergency service when you need it most. As a family-owned business that has served the Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia area for over 30 years, we look forward to providing quick and caring water solutions for our loyal neighbors.

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We are knowledgeable when it comes to these types of plumbing solutions and can assist with selecting the correct well pump for your residential space. Additionally, if you have an existing well pump that isn’t working, we can have a skilled technician out to you promptly to diagnose the issue and rectify the problem before it worsens. To learn more about our well pump services and offerings, feel free to contact us.

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