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Well Pump Systems

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Well Pump Systems Installation, Repair, Inspection in MD, VA, & WV

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Water well pump systems directly access the water table below the property to provide you with clean, clear, usable water. Properly constructed private well pump system services can provide water to a single residence, commercial building, or even an entire community. Moreover, well pumps need very little care or maintenance to work properly once installed.

If you are considering installing a new well pump system on your property in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Washington County, Loudoun County, Martinsburg, Hagerstown, or any area in Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia and would like to schedule maintenance and/or repairs on an existing well pump, there is no better team to call than our experts at Tri-County Pumps.

We’ve served homes and businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia for over 30 years and offer a host of well pump system inspection and services, including 24/7 emergency repairs and complete installation of several different kinds of well pump systems and their components. To learn more, contact our team at (301) 660-2672 today!

Residential or Private Well Water Systems Inspection

A properly installed private well pump system can provide water to a single resident, a community, or a commercial building. If you are a well owner, there is some routine maintenance required.

If there is any change in appearance, taste, or odor, have your water tested by a certified water sampler.

Check your well water system cap to ensure that it’s tight and not broken or damaged. A bug-proof cap will protect your well from debris or bugs building nests inside. This will help keep your well clean from bacteria and other contaminants. Some states recommend disinfecting your well once a year.

Take precautions when mowing, driving, or working around your well. Inspect your casing for any cracks or damage and repair if necessary. Never pile yard debris, leaves, or snow around your well.

When landscaping, allow your well pump casing to stand at least a foot above the ground or per the state code. Slope landscaping away from the well for proper drainage.

To prevent backflow in well pump plumbing installations, do not submerge the garden hose nozzle in buckets or containers when mixing chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizer.

If the water at the tap pulsates or has spurts of the air, the well system may need servicing.


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