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Well Pump & Water Treatment Specialist in Jefferson County, WV

Jefferson County, West Virginia Well Pump Plumbing Service – 304-263-1052

In Jefferson County, WV, we provide reliable and efficient services for all your well pump needs. With over 30 years of experience, our team of experts specializes in installation and repairs, guaranteeing same-day service. We take any issue with your well system seriously and offer 24/7 emergency response for prompt and proper solutions.

We only use top-of-the-line well pumps and equipment for installations, repairs, inspections, chlorination, and constant pressure systems. If you’re experiencing a water emergency, we are available anytime to assist you. Our expertise also extends to resolving low water pressure problems. Contact us for immediate assistance.

Water Purification in Jefferson County, WV

We have over 30 years of combined experience helping homeowners in Jefferson County, WV get their water treatment needs satisfied. We can install a variety of different treatment systems to clean, purify, condition, and heat water for homeowners at very cost-effective prices. 

Whether you’re looking to purify your drinking water or soften your water from harsh nitrates or minerals, our water purification and filtration systems are your best option. With a filtration system installation, you can enjoy water with minimal salt and no contaminants that tastes fresher and cleaner, has no odor, doesn’t leave water spots in your tub or appliances, and costs less than monthly water delivery services.

We have a variety of filtration systems and sizes all specialized to suit the needs of many different homeowners with different water conditions. Contact us today to discover the best system for your home.

Septic Systems services in Jefferson County, WV

Maintaining a healthy septic system involves regular cleaning of the septic tank. At Tri-County Pump Service, our pump truck operators are equipped to efficiently and expertly clean out your septic system. It is recommended to have your septic tank cleaned once it reaches one-third of its total capacity, which typically only happens once a year. Therefore, the need for septic tank cleanings is not frequent.

Our team has the necessary equipment and expertise to troubleshoot any issues with your system and advise you on necessary repairs. This may include replacing baffles, faulty piping, the distribution box, or even the entire septic tank. We can also make alterations or additions to your wastewater plumbing, repair or expand the leaching system, or install a brand-new septic system.

In order to extend the lifespan of your septic system and prevent costly repairs, periodic inspections are crucial. We conduct thorough inspections of septic tanks to ensure they are functioning properly and to detect any potential problems before they become major issues.

Plumbing Services in Jefferson County, WV

Our plumbing services have been trusted by residents and businesses in Jefferson County, WV for over 30 years. Our expert, licensed plumbers are ready to handle any plumbing issue and create customized solutions tailored to your specific plumbing needs.

At Tri-County Pump Service, we prioritize providing prompt and skilled emergency plumbing services to residents and businesses in Jefferson County. Our capable plumbers are always available to assist you during a plumbing crisis at your home or workplace. No matter the issue, our team is equipped to handle any type of emergency plumbing situation with efficiency and expertise.


Tri-County is the team to turn to when seeking the best in plumbing services, repair, and installation. We respond quickly and commit ourselves to getting the job done right every time.

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