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Air Eductor Water Filtration System

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Air Eductor Units

Air Eductors remove iron and sulfur that give your water a bad taste, odor, and color that can stainfixtures and clothing. When in high quantities, iron and sulfur can clog your plumbing and the off-puttingsmell can force people to drink less water whichcan lead to dehydration.

In its essence, our system will improve the overall performance and efficiency of your entire watertreatment system by acting as a pre-treatment to your water.

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Air Eductor Water Filtration Features:

Standard warranty

User - friendly electronic control valve

High flow distribution system

Standard bypass valve that allows for ease of installation and service

Polyglass mineral tank

Easy to read LCD display screen

Convenient dome hole

All ATS Units are Proudly Made in the USA and meet W QA standards


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