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Low Water Pressure

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We Fix No Water & Low Water Pressure in MD, VA, WV

Are you experiencing no water or low water pressure in your home or business and in desperate need of service? Then look no further and contact Tri-County Pumps today.

We repair and install well pumps, submersible well pumps, jet well water pumps, constant water pressure pumps, and submersible well water pump systems services in Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia. Overall, we offer a knowledge-based approach that meets your needs.

Your water problem is our priority, so KEEP IT FLOWING™ with Tri-County Pumps.


All homes and businesses require proper plumbing and strong water pressure for bathrooms and kitchens. We can help if you have no water pressure in your well pump, septic system, or other plumbing fixture.

Tri-County Pumps is based near Frederick County, Maryland. However, we also provide our services in Montgomery County, Washington County, Loudoun County VA, Martinsburg WV, and all nearby areas.


Low water pressure makes everyday tasks difficult and reduces your quality of life. Imagine this: you’re getting ready for work and running out of time. But daily tasks like bathing and washing dishes are at a snail’s pace due to no pressure. Over some time, it can also damage your plumbing systems.

We can help recover water pressure from your property. Our experts will first pinpoint the root cause of low water pressure and then fix the underlying issue. Common solutions include clearing any clogs, replacing corroded plumbing, sealing any leaks, repairing faulty fixtures, replacing the pressure regulator, installing booster pumps, and more.


Submersible Pumps Systems

Submersible pump systems are fully submerged underwater in the well and force water upwards and out of the well. These pumps are commonly used in deep-well water systems. The sizing of such a system depends on the horsepower (hp) and voltage (v) requirements. These requirements themselves are based on the depth of the well and its distance from your property. Pressure tanks are also required as they work in conjunction with a submersible well pump. They provide pressurized water for your house and are sized in gallons.

Jet Well Pump Systems

Jet pumps are most utilized in wells with a shallow depth. Unlike submersible pumps, jet well pumps are located outside of the well. They work by creating a suction that draws water out of the well and into a pressure tank.

Converting a Jet Well Pump System into a Submersible Well Pump System

It is possible to convert a jet well pump system into a submersible well pump system and achieve higher efficiency. Our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to pump system conversions. If you are looking for an upgrade or your existing jet pump system needs repairs, consider converting it to a submersible pump system once and for all.

Constant Pressure Pumps

Do you struggle with low water pressure? If yes, then you’re probably tired of not being able to turn on multiple water outlets at once. This can happen for multiple reasons, such as clogs in the pipes, corrosion, faulty plumbing, and more. While it might sound overwhelming, don’t worry because we’re here to do all the heavy lifting for you. Tri-County Pumps installs, repairs, and replaces multiple types of pressure systems. This technology means you will get the water pressure you need – when you need it. Constant pressure systems will monitor your water flow and adjust the performance of your water pump to meet your needs. With this system, you can now water the lawn, take a shower, and do the laundry all at the same time.


Tri-County is the team to turn to when seeking the best in plumbing services, repair, and installation. We respond quickly and commit ourselves to getting the job done right every time.

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