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Spring Septic System Cleaning & Tips

Spring Septic Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Has Begun!

Spring has arrived which is a great time to get your Septic Cleaned, Inspected or Repaired! We know what you’re thinking, is this really necessary? Personally, I’d rather be planting flowers, trees and gardens, but if it’s been over 3-5 years since your septic has been pumped, you may want to consider having it done.

Signs you may be having issues with your Septic Tank

One of the first things you’ll notice is a strong sewage odor around your tank or in your drain field. Next, you may notice a drain in the kitchen, bathroom or a toilet backing up. The first thing that comes to mind is to plunge the drain or toilet. Did this not work, or only work temporarily? Is your yard wet like it has rained for days, but it’s been unusually dry weather? These are good signs your septic tank is overfilled and needs to be pumped by a Septic Professional!

How can you help with the Maintenance between Septic Tank Pumps?

There are 3 main appliances in your home that we are sure you use on a daily basis. What are these you ask? A dishwasher, garbage disposal and washing machine! We all think, I’ll just run a half load of laundry or a small amount of dishes in the dishwasher and I’ll save on water. In reality you are actually using the same amount of water no matter how small the loads are. In order to put less strain on your septic tank, be sure you are doing full loads in both washer and dishwasher. Another way you can help maintain your septic tank will be with your garbage disposal. Fats, greases and larger solids should not be put down your disposal. These can contribute to an overflowing or malfunctioning tank. Use your disposal sparingly and only for small food particles.

Decided it’s time for a Septic Professional to Visit?

Call or contact Tri-County Pump Service!  We will happily schedule you with one of our Professionals, so we can complete a visual check-up of your system! Got a problem? Don’t feel pressured, we will notify you and help achieve a solution should you decide to address the issue.

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