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How Does UV Light Kill Microorganisms?

If you are seeking a great way to make sure your tap water is safe to drink from microorganisms you may want to consider installing a UV light water treatment system. UV Light Systems are able to sterilize tap water, without the use of harsh chemicals, such as chlorine. After you install a UV Light System, you can rest assured that your family is drinking water safe from harmful Microorganisms. Let’s take a look at how UV Light sterilize water from microorganisms.

UV light water treatment systems in MD, VA, WV

DNA Damage
UV light water treatment systems kill microorganisms by damaging their DNA. When UV light shines on a microbe, such as a bacterium, the wavelengths disable a specific sequence in the microbes DNA that codes for the microbes ability to reproduce. The microbe will then no longer be able to reproduce, rendering it harmless and unable to infect.

Light Exposure
DNA of a microbe contains a specific sequence coding for reproduction and gives the microbe the ability to reproduce. This specific sequence can be instantly disabled by light, but only by light with a specific wavelength of 254 nm. Light with a wavelength of 254 nm is familiarly recognized as UV Light or UltraViolet Light.  When a microbe quickly passes through the system it is sterilized upon exposure to the UV Light. A microbe that cannot reproduce cannot infect other biological organisms.

Do you have a bacteriological contaminated water supply or concerned about a bacteriological contaminated water supply, then a UV Light System is a certain solution. UV light Systems are the chosen treatment for bacteria contaminated water.

To learn more about the advantages of UV light water treatment systems, be sure to contact Tri-County Pumps. We are pleased to provide our customers in Frederick, Montgomery, and Washington County with septic pumping and water filtration services. For more information about the great services that we have to offer you, contact us.

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