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What Is a Jet Pump?

Blue Jet Pump

Today, the vast majority of houses in the U.S. have their own water supply; simply turn on the faucet in your sink and you can experience water pressure in Frederick County. However, the population of people who understand exactly how they get water to their houses is far smaller. For example, do you know what a jet pump is? Jet pumps are used when your water lies just below the surface of the ground. These shallow wells are tapped with jet pumps, which suction the water from the well and transport it to your home. This system depends on the use of air pressure to move the water vertically, much like a straw in a glass of water. Unlike a straw, however, jet pumps also make use of electric motors and centrifugal pumps. Would you like to know more about jet pumps? Contact Tri-County Pumps or call (888) 890-3957 today. We are a Frederick County based company that specializes in plumbing, water treatment systems, well pump systems and septic systems. Please do not hesitate to explore our website in order to find out more about our water treatment options.

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