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Well Pumps and Water Treatment Services In Frederick MD

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Tri-County Pump Service Inc. has been dedicated to providing top-notch Water Treatment solutions for both residents and businesses in Frederick County since 1991. Our main goal is to provide exceptional well pumps and water treatment services in Frederick County and surrounding regions at an affordable price!

Our Services

Our services include the following:

Installing and fixing submersible well pumps, jet pumps, and other types of pumps.

Complete well pump maintenance.

Well pump installation.

Water treatment options such as water tanks and filters, and more.

4 Signs of a faulty well pump

If you’re tired of low water pressure in your house, you need to get your well pumps inspected. Often, the reason for little to no pressure means that your pump is not working at its full capacity, resulting in low water flow.

Similarly, if your well pump is frequently switching on and off, it suggests another underlying issue, such as a defective pressure switch or a faulty pump mechanism. Issues like these require immediate attention because consistent cycling can cause excessive strain on the pump and result in significant damage.

If your faucets are coughing out air with cloud or foamy water, it indicates that air is trapped in your water lines. Again, this is a sign that something is wrong with the well pump, as it is failing to provide adequate pressure to the system.

Another common sign of a faulty well pump is a strange noise from the well pump, such as grinding, screeching, or vibrating. It may happen due to problems with the motor, impeller, or other mechanical components of the well pump.

For our team at Tri-County Pump Service, no problem is too big. Our team is adept at quickly recognizing the issue and solving it at its root cause. They specialize in installing, fixing, and servicing well pumps to guarantee a steady water supply on your property.


Tri-County is the team to turn to when seeking the best in plumbing services, repair, and installation. We respond quickly and commit ourselves to getting the job done right every time.

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