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Tri-County Pumps has been providing well pump services in Frederick County MD and the towns of Middletown, Hagerstown, Walkersville, Adamstown, Mt Airy, and Hyattstown, for over three decades. Our family-owned company is licensed to operate throughout Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia, and our highly skilled technicians are committed to customer satisfaction with every job. As well pump and water treatment specialists, we will test the water you use in your home to ensure it is safe and free of contaminants.

We offer a variety of Water Treatment systems, products and services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Frederick County, Maryland (MD) area, including:

  • Water Samples
  • Water Softeners/Water Conditioners
  • Iron Handlers
  • Air Eduction Units
  • Ultraviolet Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Carbon Filters
  • Chemical Feed Pumps

Tri- County Pump Service Inc. has been providing Water Treatment systems for Frederick County residents and commercial customers since 1991.  Since then our focus has been to offer the highest quality Water Treatment products and services at the most reasonable prices.  When you work with us, you’re dealing with a local company whose sole focus is water.  We are pleased to say that we specialize in private and public water sources in Frederick County and surrounding areas, and there are definite advantages to working with a local, specialty company such as ours.

Our Team Can Complete A Wide Range of Pump Services

Tri-County Pumps is Frederick’s go-to partner for well pump services, general plumbing, water treatment, septic systems, and much more. We are an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau, with a longstanding commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • General plumbing – We provide routine and emergency plumbing services in Frederick communities, MD at all hours of the day and night. We can clean your drains, complete kitchen plumbing services, and repair or replace your bathroom plumbing.
  • Well pump repairs – Our team of experts can complete well pump repairs for residential or private well water systems. Tri-County Pumps’ skilled professionals are trained to address issues with submersible well pumps, booster pumps, jet pumps, and more.
  • Water treatment and filtration – Our technicians are the gold standards among water treatment specialists in Leesburg, VA, and beyond. We can service and install water softeners, acid neutralizers, and water treatments that incorporate UV lights or reverse osmosis.
  • Septic cleaning and inspection – Many homes in the Frederick County area rely on septic systems for their wastewater treatment. Our professionals will inspect, pump, or repair your septic system whenever you need us.
  • Equipment expertise – We have extensive equipment expertise to help complete all of your pump and water treatment needs. Our team is licensed to use backhoes, trench-less equipment, crane trucks, and other vehicles to facilitate repairs and inspections.

If you’re looking for Water Treatment system products, tips or information about our services you’ve come to the right place.  Tri-County Pump Service Inc. is one of the most experienced in water quality in Frederick County, Maryland (MD).  Tri County Pump Service Inc. has been providing Frederick County residents and commercial customers with the best Water Treatment products on the market for over 20 years!

Analytical Water Testing

Analytical Water Testing is a sample of water drawn by a Maryland State certified water sampler.  Samples can be tested for bacteria, chemicals, metals and unwanted minerals.

Water Sample

A water sample is water drawn from the tap then tested with different agents to find the quality of the water.  Examples are hardness, acid, iron, etc.

Water Softener/Water Conditioner

A Water Softener saves you money on soap, detergents, plumbing fixtures and repairs while providing softer, fluffier clothes.  Skin stays naturally smooth and hair silky clean.

Iron Handler

Iron Handler removes unappealing iron stains and sediment on fixtures that over time can lead to clogged pipes and permanent damage to your valuable appliances.

Acid Neutralizer 

The Acid Neutralizer is your solution to solving tough acidic water problems in your home.  Systems are made to exact specifications to neutralize the free carbon dioxide in your water, therefore stopping and preventing further corrosion of your homes’ plumbing, pipes, and appliances using water.

  • pH between 5.8 – 6.5 are neutralized to normal 7.0 – 7.5  

Air Induction Unit

Air Educator removes iron and sulfur while producing filtered water, which is economical and will improve performance by acting as a pre-treatment to your Water Treatment system.


  • Chemical-free
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces iron and manganese
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide
  • Raises pH levels


Ultraviolet systems are an effective way to bacteria-free water for your home or industry.  24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Ultraviolet systems are setting the standards for water disinfection.

Reverse Osmosis Systems (R.O.)

R.O. is one of the most economical and convenient methods of reducing unwanted contaminants in your drinking water.

What does Reverse Osmosis remove from water? 

  • Metals – Reverse Osmosis removes mercury, lead, iron, copper and silver
  • Natural Contaminants – odors and bad tastes in water are usually by natural contaminants, such as sediment in the water; reverse osmosis removes most of these
  • Minerals – reverse osmosis removes minerals from the water; salt, fluoride and others

Carbon Filters 

Carbon Filters are for homes and commercial use.  A Carbon filter can rid chlorine and other odor producing chemicals from your water.  Water will also be filtered leaving it water sparkling clean and tasting great.

Chemical Feed Pump 

Chemical Feed Pump is used to treat multiple water problems.  Bacteria, iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) manganese, low pH and many other water problems.

Sediment Filtration 

Spin Down Sediment Trapper Filter.  The design element allows debris to settle to the bottom of the clear cover, trapping sediment away from the screen.  Sediment is visible through the clear cover indicating when the filter needs cleaning.

Well Chlorination

Well Chlorination is recommended by the State of Maryland to chlorinate your well water once a year by flushing your well and water system with a chlorine solution.


  • Disinfecting after making repairs or non-use of your well
  • Disinfecting to “neutralize” chloroform bacteria
  • Removes bacteria that create slime
  • Removes iron and manganese build-up temporarily
  • Elimination of “rotten egg smell” hydrogen sulfide temporarily

Water Treatment Specialist in Maryland (MD) serves all of the following areas:

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Well Pumps & Well Systems

Well Pumps in Frederick, MD

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Water Treatment Services in Frederick, MD

  • The latest state of the art products available
  • Information and insight on technical issues that only experience provides

After 20 years in business in Frederick County, Maryland (MD) we have witnessed and resolved many water problems.  We are not your general plumber who just does general plumbing.  We are not your franchise plumber with high overhead and high prices.  We are your water specialist whose goal is to provide your home with quality water from the ground to your glass.

Our passion is water and providing quality water to our customers.  We have serviced many customers over the life of our company and our desire is to help our customers understand their water problems and resolve them.

Our mission is to ensure Frederick County homeowners a smooth experience for what should be an every decade and a half purchase.  You’re making a quality of life investment for your well being and your Frederick County home.  Save yourself the hassle and time, call Tri-County Pump Service Inc.  We will test your water, tell you the results, then you make the decision of what you want to do.

We also provide service to the Well Water system.  We carry all the material and equipment in the service truck and utilize larger equipment when needed.  Our Septic System division provides services to maintain and repair your septic to keep it in good working order.

Septic Systems

Septic Services in Frederick, MD

  • Septic Pumping
  • Septic Inspections
  • Septic Repairs
  • New Installations
  • Sewer Injector Pump System Repairs
  • Sewer Injector Pump System Replacements
  • New Sewer Injector Pump System Installations

Does Your Septic System need a cleaning?

We offer septic system cleaning, pumping and inspections:

  • Frederick County
  • Washington County
  • Montgomery County

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