We Fix No Water & Low Water Pressure in MD, VA, WV

Are you experiencing no water or low water pressure in your home or business, and in desperate need of service? Then look no further and contact Tri-County Pumps today.  We repair and install well pumps, submersible well pumps, jet well water pumps, constant water pressure pumps, and submersible well water pump systems services in Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia.  Tri-County Pumps based near Frederick County offers the highest quality of service and repairs to communities in Montgomery County, Washington County, Loudoun County VA, Martinsburg WV and all areas in between.  We offer a knowledge-based approach to best service your needs. Our team provides emergency well pump services and fix your no water and low water issues.  Your water problem is our priority, so KEEP IT FLOWING™ with Tri-County Pumps

Water Well Pump Systems

  • Submersible Well Pump Systems: These types of systems utilize a water pump that is submerged under water in the well and force water upwards and out of the well. They are commonly used in deep well water systems. The horsepower (hp) and voltage (v) are sized based on the well’s depth and distance from the home. Your submersible well pump will operate in conjunction with a pressure tank. The pressure tank provides a pressurized water reserve for your homes use. Pressure Tanks are sized in gallons. Once the water level in the pressure tank begins to lower, as observed on the pressure gauge, it will signal the pressure switch to power up the pump. The pump will refill the reserve in the pressure tank. Once the water reserve in the tank has reached its preferred pressure and gallons the pressure switch will signal the water pump to turn off. Pressure switches are typically manufacture preset to 40psi (pump on) / 60psi (pump off) OR 30psi (pump on) / 50psi (pump off).
  • Jet Well Pump Systems: Jet pumps are most commonly utilized in wells with a shallow depth. They are typically found in older homes or older water wells. Our team is very knowledgeable about service, repairs and replacements of jet pump systems. Jet water well pumps are located outside of the well. The jet pump will create a suction that draws water out of the well and into a pressure tank. The relationship between the jet pump, pressure tank and pressure switch are much the same in terms of communication and operation.
  • Converting a Jet Well Pump System into a Submersible Well Pump System: Our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to converting well pump systems from a jet pump to a submersible pump. Submersible water well pump systems operate more efficiently than a jet well pump system. This might be a better solution for you! If your jet pump already needs replaced, then ask our team about converting to a submersible well pump system.
  • Constant Pressure Pumps: Do you struggle with low water pressure? Do you have a house rule that says, “Don’t run laundry when the dishwasher is running” or “Don’t run two showers at the same time?” We have solutions for low water pressure problems. Tri-County Pumps installs, repairs and replaces multiple types of variable speed systems. This technology means you will get the water pressure you need – when you need it. This water system will monitor water consumption needs and adjust the performance of your water pump to meet your needs. With this system you can now water the lawn, take a shower and do the laundry all at the same time. Feel confident that all your water usage needs will now be met! Give our team a call to discuss your well water yield and water needs to see if this is a solution for you!

The brands we use and trust!

Submersible Pumps: Goulds Water Technology

Jet Pumps: Goulds Water Technology

Constant Pressure Pumps: Grundfos and Goulds Water Technology variable speed systems

Pressure Tanks: Well-Rite