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Tri-County Pump Service Inc. has specialized in well water systems for more than 25 years and has experienced technicians.  Your well water system is one of your most valuable plumbing investments for your home.  A properly constructed well needs little maintenance.  Visit our Well Pump Systems page for routine care. Call or contact us today to schedule your plumbing services in Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia! Our plumbing services include service, repairs, and installations of the systems below:

Submersible Well Pump Systems

A Submersible Well Pump is your basic pump system that provides water from the home or building and has been used for many years.  The life of a submersible well pump will depend on several factors such as, the quality of water, power surges, lightning strikes and the most common would be a water pressure storage tank that is not working properly or is in disrepair.

Water Pressure Storage Tank

A Water Pressure Storage Tank is an essential part of your water system.  It provides water to plumbing fixtures under pressure.  The pressure tank needs to be maintained in proper working order.  This will prolong the life of your well pump.  It’s much less expensive to service, repair or replace your pressure tank than a well pump.

Constant Pressure Pump System

A Constant Pressure Pump System is the latest technology.  This pump system gives constant pressure to your plumbing fixtures.  This pump system will allow you to use more than one plumbing outlet at one time.  For instance, you can take a shower, run the dishwasher and flush the toilet.  You will have constant and consistent water pressure.  If your conventional water well pump system slows you down, the next time you need to replace your well pump think about an upgrade.  The constant pressure system may be just what you are looking for, ask us how.

Well Water Pressure

When an issue happens with your well pump system this can be frustrating, to say the least.  Experiences such as these can happen:

No water is one of the most common.  There can be a number of things that can cause this, using too much water at one time, a toilet handle sticking and running for a long period of time, mechanical failure, age, power surges, lightning strikes, the well not producing enough water or no water.  Many well owners have been enjoying the technology of a constant pressure pump system.  The benefits of this type of well pump system allows you to have enough water pressure to use more than one fixture at a time, saving water and electricity.  We have helped many well owners solve plumbing problems with their well pump systems for many years.

No water pressure or low water pressure can be the nature of your well or can indicate a problem in your well water pump system, such as clogged filters that restrict water flow, clogged plumbing pipes with mineral buildup, age of the well pump system and leaks underground or in the well.  A constant pressure pump system will allow you to experience better water pressure and run multiple fixtures at one time.  An example would be taking a shower and running the dishwasher, losing no pressure while saving water and electricity.  We have fixed many water pressure problems.

Surge in water pressure is usually caused by the water storage tank.  The water storage tank may need to be recharged or replaced.  One of the factors in the life of a well pump depends upon the condition of your water storage tank.

Underground Well Water Leak

Underground well water lines should be buried below the frost line to keep them from freezing.  A leak in a line can cause low water pressure and sometimes visible discoloration of water.  You also could see a wet spot in the yard.

Booster Pump (Municipal & Well Pump Systems)

Booster Pumps are designed to provide more pressure with less water to your plumbing fixtures.  The booster pump is universal and can be used for a municipal “public” water source and a private well pump system.  If you are experiencing low water pressure, there is an affordable solution.

Low Water Pressure with Municipal or Public Water Source

Residential and commercial buildings using municipal water sources with low water pressure issues.  Low water pressure can be due to the plumbing pipes.  The plumbing reducer valve could be clogged.  The water treatment equipment may need to be serviced or repaired.  We have fixed many different low water pressure problems dealing with municipal or public water sources.  Call and ask us how we can help!

Water Services Municipal “Public” Water

A Water Service is a pipe that is buried below the frost line that runs from the home or building to a meter.  If you have a problem with your water service you may experience some of these problems, a higher than normal water bill, a wet spot in the yard or other issues.  To have your water line repaired or replaced due to a leak, you will need a licensed plumbing company who must pull a permit.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners are systems that remove calcite deposits and some iron from water.  Testing the water will determine the quality of water.  If needed, a water softener would be custom made and sized to remove the calcium deposits and iron.  Hard water will leave calcium deposits in showers, dishwashers, coffee pots, etc.  Home owners and food service businesses have relied on water softeners to help provide the best quality of water for their homes and businesses.  Water softeners are used for Municipal and Private well water.

Water Treatment System

Installing a Water Treatment System can be one of the best investments that you make for your home or business.  Tri-County Pump Service Inc. can offer a water treatment system to help resolve your water issues.  Our water treatment systems help reduce unwanted contaminants in your water.

  • Reduces unwanted contaminants in your drinking water
  • Provides safe, bacteria free water for your home or business
  • Removes calcium, magnesium, and iron-helping you save money on soap, detergents, plumbing fixtures and repairs.  Provides softer, fluffier clothes, smoother skin and hair
  • Removes iron and sulfur, while producing filtered water
  • Raises the pH level-helps prevent blue green stains and pinhole leaks in your copper plumbing
  • Removes dirt and grit before it gets to your tap

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are pumps designed to pump out water that flows into the sump basin from the ground.  One or two sump pumps and sump basins depends on how much water flows in to the basin.  When purchasing a sump pump one thing to think about, is the quality of the sump pump, it will determine the reliability and how often it will need to be replaced.  The benefit of a quality sump pump is to help keep your basement dry.  The average life of a sump pump is to have it replaced every ten years.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

The benefit of a Battery Backup Sump Pump is a piece of mind when the power goes out, the backup sump pump will come on.  The sump pump uses a 12 volt marina battery and has an alarm that indicates low battery.  The battery needs to be inspected to insure the battery is in good repair and charged at all times.

Sump Pump Basin

Sump Pump Basin is a round container that is placed in the ground with a lid, the pump sets in to.  The sump basin is most likely installed at the time of construction or may need to be installed later on in older homes.  The sump basin catches ground water that flows in to it.

Sump Pump Tips

  • Spring or fall is a good time to clean your sump pump basin from any debris.
  • Check the switch and float to ensure the sump pump is in good repair.

Laundry Tray Pumps

  • Wet Bars
  • Kitchenettes
  • Utility Sinks
  • Laundry Sinks

Hot Water Tanks

  • 80 Gallon Hot Water Tanks
  • 50 Gallon Hot Water Tanks
  • Less or More Gallons

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