Jet Pump Well Systems

Jet Pumps may be used on a shallow or deep well. These well systems are typically set above ground. Learn more or schedule a Jet Pump well system installation in Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia today by calling Tri County Pumps (301) 432-0330.

Jet pumps well systems are used for a variety of applications involving the movement of water from a water source to a destination. If your Maryland home is supplied primarily by well water, you may need a jet pumps well system installed to pull water up from a well if the depth is greater than 25 feet.

Jet pumps well systems produce a large amount of pressure and work in a similar way to a jet engine. Jet pumps shoot water through a venturi valve. A venturi is a system for speeding the flow of the fluid, by constricting it in a cone shape tube. This creates an area of lower water pressure which allows the overall water pressure to build up enough to create a pressure differential. This increased “jet” power allows a jet pump to move water at a higher PSI.  Therefore allowing the jet pump to pull water from depths of up to 200 or more feet, depending on altitude.

There are two terms used to describe jet pumps:

  • Deep Well Jet Pumps

    Choose a jet pump that has the capacity to pump water as the job requires. Choose a deep well jet pump if you need to:

    • Pump water upward more than 25 feet deep, as from a well
    • Move a large volume of water quickly, as from a swimming pool
    • Move water long distances, as from one water source to a holding tank located across a field

    Deep-well jet pumps typically have a horsepower greater than 1hp and are able to pull water up from greater depths than a shallow well jet pump.

  • Shallow Well Jet Pumps

    Choose a shallow well jet pump if you need to pull water from a depth less than 25 feet. Shallow well jet pumps usually require less than 1 horsepower and do not deliver the volume of water per minute.

  • What is the Difference Between a Deep Well Jet Pump and a Convertible Jet Pump?

The terms “deep well” and “convertible” jet pump well systems may be confusing because they actually refer to the same type of pump. All jet pumps are both “deep well” and “convertible”. Meaning they can be used for either a shallow well application or to pull water from a deep well.

Deep-well jet pumps are designed to pull water up from depths greater than 25 feet up to about 200 feet.  Areas in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia with a higher altitudes may require  jet pump pulling capacity installed in their homes. Call Tri County Pumps for Jet Pump Installation and Service 301-432-0330

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