Heavy-Duty Equipment Services

At Tri-County Pumps, we’re proud to say that there is truly no job too large or too small for our well-equipped team to tackle. While much of our business comes from minor repairs and inspections for fixtures and appliances on residential and commercial properties, we are often called to perform heavier-duty tasks that call for industrial-grade equipment. Our exceptionally well-trained team of technicians are able to operate the machinery needed to excavate, repair and replace partial or entire plumbing systems with complete confidence.


The backhoe is an indispensable tool in our fleet of service equipment that allows us to dig trenches for laying pipeline, excavate septic tanks, and backfill these trenches and excavations to restore the shape of the land after inspections, repairs and installations. Can be used for public and private service lines alike.

Trenchless Equipment

There are many instances where we need to lay pipeline under surfaces that cannot be excavated, such as concrete driveways or asphalt roads. We employ high-tech trenchless equipment such as our Air-Missile and horizontal bore drilling system to tunnel safely underneath these structures without damaging them.

Ditch Witch

The Ditch Witch is a revolutionary tool that allows for rapid creation of deep-but-narrow trenches (4” by up to 4 ft. in depth.) In the right applications, Ditch Witch allows us to lay pipeline with unprecedented efficiency while passing the savings in labor costs onto you.

Crane Truck

Crane trucks are vital for lifting and installing heavy equipment like pumps that hang on steel or PVC pipes in your well. By eliminating the need for excess manpower, we can work more efficiently and lower our costs.

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