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The Link Between Calcium and Magnesium and Hard Water

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Although it is not inherently harmful to consume, hard water can cause a few different kinds of issues for homeowners. The hardness of water has to do with its concentration of calcium and magnesium, and can be treated by water filtration systems. Here is a quick look at the link between calcium and magnesium and hard water. Evidence and Cause of Hard Water If you notice that your glasses look cloudier than you think they should when you retrieve them from the dishwasher, you may be dealing with hard water. This type of water contains excessive amounts of minerals like…

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You Can Still Win a Fit Bit!

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May isn’t over yet and neither is your chance to enter our contest! “Like” us on Facebook and share your baseball night out experience with us and the Frederick Keys, by posting on our wall with #TCPContest. This makes you eligible to win any month after and you are entered for the big prize at the end of the season! What are you waiting for! **Contest details found here**

Do You Have Water Problems?

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Tri-County Pumps offers a quick reference guide to water problems and how we can help.  This guide provides the symptoms and the resolution to your water treatment issues from low water to sulfuric water.  If you have any of these water problems, call a professional water expert!  Call Tri-County Pumps!