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What Is a Jet Pump?

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Blue Jet Pump

Today, the vast majority of houses in the U.S. have their own water supply; simply turn on the faucet in your sink and you can experience water pressure in Frederick County. However, the population of people who understand exactly how they get water to their houses is far smaller. For example, do you know what a jet pump is? Jet pumps are used when your water lies just below the surface of the ground. These shallow wells are tapped with jet pumps, which suction the water from the well and transport it to your home. This system depends on the use of air pressure to move the water vertically, much like a straw in a glass of water. Unlike a straw, however, jet pumps also make use of electric motors and centrifugal pumps. Would you like to know more about jet pumps? Contact Tri-County Pumps or call (888) 890-3957 today. We are a Frederick County based company that specializes in plumbing, water treatment systems, well pump systems and septic systems. Please do not hesitate to explore our website in order to find out more about our water treatment options.

Is Your Hot Water Heater Heading for a Meltdown?

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Homeowners tend to care deeply about their water quality in Montgomery County, and they do so for good reason; water quality can impact your household in a number of ways. The temperature of your water is also important, which is determined by the efficiency of your hot water heater. Keep reading to find out if your hot water heater is heading for a meltdown.

Much like foods, certain types of water treatment appliances tend to emit distinctive smells when they expire, and hot water heaters are among them. In fact, a rotten egg smells about the same as the water from a malfunctioning hot water heater. In the case of a water heater, this smell comes from excess levels of sulfur, bacteria, and hydrogen. This could indicate a problem with your anode, and can be remedied by a professional water treatment service.

Leaking Water Heater
If your hot water heater is leaking, there is likely a serious problem that warrants professional attention. There are a number of possible sources of the leak, including the temperature and pressure relief valve, the water drain valve, and a leak in the tank itself. Never attempt to fix a hot water heater leak on your own, and keep in mind that if your tank is leaking, you may have to replace the entire unit.

No Hot Water
The main purpose of your hot water heater is to provide your household with warm or hot water when you need it. If it is not efficiently serving this purpose, there is something wrong with the system and it should be looked at by a professional water treatment service. Keep in mind that older hot water heaters are more likely to break down.

Is your hot water heater heading for a meltdown? Call the water treatment professionals at Tri-County Pumps at (888) 890-3957. We are proud to serve the Montgomery County and surrounding areas with water softeners and septic services such as septic system pumping.  Visit our well pumps and water filtration systems pages for more information.

Check out this Great New Review!

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There is no better way to find a qualified Plumber or Water treatment specialist than through a positive review!  Tri-County Pumps care about our customers and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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What Exactly is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Water?

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If you have had your water quality in Loudoun County tested before, you may have been told that you have either hard or soft water; if you have hard water, it may have been suggested that you purchase a water softener. Watch this video to find out the difference between hard and soft water.

Hard water contains extra minerals like calcium, and while this type of water will not affect your health, it can affect your bank account. Hard water will shorten the lifespan of your household appliances. Unlike hard water, soft water promotes lathering of detergents and soaps; this helps you clean garments efficiently and maintain your water-based appliances.

Tri-County Pumps is a water treatment and septic cleaning service that operates in the Loudoun County area. We specialize in plumbing, water filtration, well pumps and water softeners. If you would like to learn more about our water treatment services, please feel free to explore our website or contact us.

Tap into the Benefits of Soft Water

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Water is not only necessary for human survival; it has become an integral element of household convenience. Many individuals choose to use water softeners in order to make the most of their household water. Read on to learn about the potential benefits of soft water.

Soap Enhancement
If you find yourself spending more money on soaps and detergents than you think is necessary, consider having your water quality tested. Whereas hard water does not allow soap to lather very easily, soft water creates the opposite effect. In addition, soap used with soft water is substantially more effective when it comes to removing stains. Soft water makes soap so much more effective that you may be able to clean a garment using half as much detergent as you would if you had hard water. This can save you a significant amount of money on soaps, detergents, and even shampoos in the long run.

Energy Efficiency
In addition to enhancing the relationship between water and soap, water softeners can also offer impressive benefits when it comes to energy efficiency. Water-based appliances typically operate more effectively when the water they use is softer; this may not only cut down your energy bills but can also increase the working life of your appliances. Hard water contains extra minerals that tend to build up on water heaters, causing them to decline more rapidly. Since these appliances are not cheap, it helps to preserve them as long as possible.

Personal Cleanliness
Soft water allows you to use soaps and detergents more efficiently, but that is not the only way it improves the cleaning process. It also enhances both your skin and hair; the lack of excess minerals means you will not have to worry about your hair drying out or your pores being clogged.

For more information about the benefits of soft water, please feel free to contact Tri-County Pumps or learn more about our company. We provide water softeners, septic tank cleaning, and other water treatment services in the Maryland Tri-State Area. Give us a call at (888) 890-3957 to learn more about our water quality services.

Can a Booster Pump Cure Your Low Water Pressure Woes?

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If your home is suffering from low water pressure, you may want to consider installing a booster pump. This unique system is designed to provide even water pressure to every plumbing fixture in your home. For example, if you are running the dishwasher while another member of your household is showering, your booster pump will ensure that each fixture receives the same amount of water pressure. By installing this handy device, you can ensure that your plumbing system is operating at its peak efficiency, no matter your water demands.

When you are planning a booster pump installation, you may also want to check out the water filtration systems that are available to you. By installing a water softener or water filters, you can ensure that your faucets are delivering clean and clear water on demand. To learn more about booster pumps and water filters near Montgomery County and the Tri-State Area, contact Tri-County Pumps by calling (888) 890-3957.