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Find Out How Your Sump Pump Works

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A sump pump is designed to manage flooding and exterior runoff in a residential home. While not all houses are equipped with sump pumps, any home with a basement should be equipped with one of these devices. When a sump pump is installed in a home, it will be placed so that it can collect any water that is running towards the foundation. Once the water reaches a certain level, the sump pump will begin pumping water out of the home. To take a look at how sump pumps work, be sure to watch this video from U.S Inspect.

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Spotting the Telltale Signs of Hard Water

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Hard water is a serious nuisance for any homeowner. When your water supply is abundant with mineral deposits, you may find that your plumbing fixtures become dirty, dingy, and tainted with buildup. To solve a hard water problem, you can install a water softener. By installing a water softener , you can solve your hard water problems for good. To help you determine whether the water quality in your home is below your standards, here is a look at some of the telltale signs of hard water.

Signs on Your Clothing
Your clothing may be able to tell you whether your plumbing system has hard water. When you do your laundry, minerals in your water can cause discoloration on your clothing. For example, you may notice that your whites take on a dingy grey color. Your colors may also begin to fade significantly when they are laundered in hard water.

Signs on Your Skin
When your home plumbing system has hard water, you may also notice the signs of this problem on your skin. After you take a shower, you may find that your skin is feeling drier than usual. This dry sensation is caused by mineral deposits that pull moisture from your skin.

Signs on Your Fixtures
To determine whether your plumbing has a hard water problem, you can also investigate your fixtures. Hard water can cause serious damage and discoloration on your plumbing fixtures. Also, hard water can affect elements in your hot water heater and dishwasher. For example, your shower, bathtub, or sinks may contain a brown or white film. If you are having trouble keeping your fixtures clean, this could indicate a hard water issue.

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Benefits of Constant Water Pressure Well Pumps

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If you rely on well water in your home, you may want to consider installing a constant pressure well pump system. Standard well pumps often offer inadequate water pressure, especially when your water use increases. For example, you may have trouble running your dishwasher and washing machine at the same time. A constant water pressure well pump will eliminate your water pressure issues. This innovative pumping system will ensure that your home is supplied with a steady supply of water pressure that is available on demand. By installing a constant pressure well pump system, you can rest assured that your water needs will always be met.

To learn more about the well pump systems that are available to you, contact Tri-County Pumps by calling (877) 849-8455. We provide services to the Frederick, Montgomery, and Washington County areas, and we will help you choose the perfect well pump or water filtration system for your home.