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Residential or Private Well Water Systems

A properly constructed private well system can provide water to a single resident, a community or a commercial building.  If you are a well owner there is little routine maintenance.

If there is any change in appearance, taste or order, have your water tested by a certified water sampler.

Check your well cap to ensure that it’s tight and in good repair.  A bug proof cap will protect your well from debris or bugs building nests inside.  This will help keep your well clean from bacteria and other contaminates.  Some states recommend to disinfect your well once a year.

Take precaution when mowing, driving or working around your well.  Inspect your casing for any cracks or damage and repair if necessary.  Never pile yard debris, leaves or snow around your well.

When landscaping, allow your well casing to stand at least a foot above the ground or per the state code.  Slope landscaping away from the well for proper drainage.

To prevent back flow, do not submerse the garden hose nozzle in buckets or containers when mixing chemicals, pesticides and fertilizer. 


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